Rules & Regulations

Bharatiya Chitra Sadhana
Chitra Bharati Film Festival 2018

Rules & Regulations:

The Participants must Register themselves online pay the requisite Registration Fee for participating in the Chitra Bharti Film Festival 2018.
Registration Fee:
For CAMPUS FILMS – Rs. 100/-
For All Other Categories – Rs. 500/-
The films need to be submitted through Google Drive link or by Post through Pendrive/CD.
However, in case of any difficulties in uploading, it could be sent physically in Pen drive or DVD.
Postal Address: W-99, Greater Kailash-1, Delhi-110096
Ph.: +91- 9811338858.
Participant can send fee on Account Number : 1452001400001408, Beneficiary Name: Bharatiya Chitra Sadhana, Bank Name: Keshav Sehkari Bank, IFSC Code: IBKL0413KSB and The requisite fee must be sent through NEFT/RTGS only.
Submission should be accompanied by:
  • Synopsis of the film – not more than 300 words
  • Bio data
  • Crew List / List of actors
  • Participation letter from Producer or College authorities or legal right holders
  • Individual technicians or the actors can submit their films, with the authorization letter from the producer/legal right holder
  • Detail of award/s received, festival screening, release (if any)
  • Film poster and other publicity materials
On selection of the Film for Competition Section, Blue-Ray/Pen- Drive/DCP copy need to be submitted
Last date of submission is December 31, 2017.
Selected films will be notified before January 15, 2018.
Students from different colleges, universities, film or media institutes can submit to CAMPUS FILM Category. However, they are also free to submit their films to any other categories of their choice under Rs. 500/- Regn Fees.
The Film must be an original creation & shall not be copied from any other films made earlier.
The Film should be focused on any of the eight themes mentioned below.
Films should be either in Hindi or English. In case of films in other languages, English Subtitles are must. Silent Films are also eligible (Film should be accompanied with english/hindi subtitle).
Films should not be completed before January 1, 2016.
Censor Certificate of the film is not necessary.
The Film should be produced in India and the Producer / Director must be of Indian Origin.
The Producer/Director or the legal IPR holder of the film needs to sign the attached declaration letter along with their submission. If the declaration submitted by the participants are found to be factually false or incorrect, Chitra Bharti Film Festival reserves the rights to reject the entry or even cancel the selection of the film after the final results/announcements.
Juries’ decisions will be final and cannot be challenged.
Bharatiya Chitra Sadhna will have right to use the film or part of the film in any manner possible for its publicity or otherwise for screening it at any place in India or abroad.


1. Short Films: 20 minutes or less
2. Documentary Films: 30 minutes or less
3. Animation Films: 5 minutes or less
4. Campus Films: 20 minutes or less
(only short films Permitted under campus films category)

The Participant must Register themselves & pay online the requisite Registration Fee for participating in the Chitra Bharati Film Festival 2018.

  1. Bharatiya Culture & Values
  2. National & Social Awareness
  3. Constructive Work
  4. Bharatiya Family System
  5. Social Harmony
  6. Folk Arts
  7. Environment
  8. Women


Short Films
Best Film : Rs. One Lakh
Best Director : Rs. Fifty One Thousand Rupees
Best Actor (Male) : Rs. Fifty One Thousand Rupees
Best Actor (Female) : Rs. Fifty One Thousand Rupees
Documentary & Campus Films (a) & (b) Category Separately
Best Film : Fifty One Thousand Rupees
Animation Films
Best Film : Fifty One Thousand Rupees
Campus Films
Category A – For Film Institutes & Professional Students
Best Film : Rs. Twenty Five Thousand Rupees
Best Director : Rs. Fifteen Thousand Rupees
Best Actor (Male) : Rs. Fifteen Thousand Rupees
Best Actor (Female) : Rs. Fifteen Thousand Rupees
Category B – For Amateur Students
Best Film : Rs. Twenty Five Thousand Rupees
Best Director : Rs. Fifteen Thousand Rupees
Best Actor (Male) : Rs. Fifteen Thousand Rupees
Best Actor (Female) : Rs. Fifteen Thousand Rupees
Note: 1. All Cash Awards will be accompanied with a Trophy & Certificate
2. More Awards may be given in the form of Trophies & Certificates on the recommendations of Juries.

Bharatiya Chitra Sadhana
Chitra Bharati Film Festival
19 to 21 February, 2018 at New Delhi

(To be filled in by the Participant Producer)

Title of the film:
I/We hereby declare:

  1. That the information furnished in the entry form and other forms submitted are true to the best of my/our knowledge
  2. That the film has been uploaded on Google Drive online
  3. That on selection of the film, I am ready to submit the DCP/Pen Drive or Blue Ray copy of the film
  4. That the film is not a dubbed/revised/remake/copied/re-edited version of any film and has not been submitted earlier in any Chitra Bharti Film Festival.
  5. The completion of production of the film is during the period from January 1, 2016 to November 30, 2017.

    Date of completion of the production of film is____
  6. I/we, further declare that if my film is found to be in violation of copyright or any other infringement of law, I/we shall alone be responsible for its consequences and I/we keep indemnified Bhartiya Chitra Sadhana against any legal action, costs or consequences.
  7. We will abide by the decision of the Festival Jury as final decision.
Signature of the producer (s)/ Legal right holder (s)