Our Vission

  1. To advance the education of the public in the knowledge, understanding enjoyment of the art of classic & contemporary films of all genres and by so doing enhance the arts and culture provision of the community.
  2. To promote value based Cinema in India and abroad.
  3. To promote, undertake, carry on or support experimental and research work of all kids which may benefit the Cinema.
  4. To create a data bank/archive of films, inputs, history and other information about Cinema.
  5. To institute appropriate Awards and citations for the excellence in various aspects of Cinema and to honour individuals and institute(s) promoting the value based Cinema.
  6. To publish magazines, newspaper, periodicals, maps, charts, statistics, periodicals and books about Cinema.
  7. To establish and maintain library(ies) of books journals periodicals including in the electronic medium for reading, education, research and propagation.
  8. To coordinate, bring together, network and work with the individual institutes and Organisations having similar objects.
  9. To encourage making films, short films, documentaries, animations, cartoon films and other for healthy entertainment and promotion of Indian values.
  10. To organise Seminars, Symposia, Workshop, Film Festival, screening, lectures, discussion, book, poetry or others competitions, film appreciation courses and such other including in collaboration with other institute(s) and to participate in such events.
  11. To participate in Regional/National/International Film Festivals.
  12. To build Art-Theatres, Cinema halls and other places of public entertainment through the medium of films.
  13. To promote Films Society movement in India.
  14. To conduct film appreciation courses, to run institutions for training in Cinema for providing academic, professional and other types of training which would enhance the cause of education of Cinema.