About Bharati Chitra Sadhana

Bharatiya Chitra Sadhana was established with a vision to use the popular medium of Short Films/Documentaries & Animations to spread the cultural values inherited by us. With this idea in our mind, we are conducting the Chitra Bharati Film Festival in New Delhi on February 19th-21st, 2018.

As we all know Films are a very popular medium for dissemination of ideas. It has a way to arouse the interest of viewers and more importantly build a view on an issue in their mind. Through Bharatiya Chitra Sadhana we plan to give opportunities to budding talent. The forum aims at creating a pool of Nation First talent who would spread through there movies Indian culture and its richness.

Bhartatiya Chitra Sadhna was established in the year 2015. After its inception, it has conducted workshops and a Film Festival at Indore. In this era of Social Media revolution, one finds that Short Films, Documentaries etc. are in vogue. To give impetus to this field BCS strives to be the Film Festival everyone would look forward to. We also impart Workshops, symposia, Film appreciation etc. for the benefit of learners. An example of such workshop was the one conducted previously at Indore, Bhopal & Jabalpur.

At BCS we firmly believe that the soul of our nation is a unique culture which we have inherited. At a time when the world once again looks at us for the spiritual guidance, it is imperative that we impart it in all ways possible. Films are one such medium. We have observed a trend wherein films have been used for political propaganda with the intention of maligning the rich heritage & cultural values. Through BCS we also plan to make films & raise infrastructure wherein we promote such thoughts. Thoughts, that would go on to nurture & show the world the true reflection of our values.